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Gateway fees have been waived

So far we've been adding an additional 5% fee for each transaction.

We will now withdraw this transaction fee so that it is more convenient for you to pay the invoice without any hidden charges.

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11th Apr 2022

2022 Server Update Notice

As always we keep working on our ecosystem to modernize and update with the latest technologies. From 18th March to 25th March, we'll run hardware upgrade on all of our Shared hosting environment & VPS machines. Pricing & package structure will also be updated during this changes. Within this timeframe, we do not expect any downtime to ... Read More

16th Mar 2022

JetBackup5 Included, SitePad Removed

SitePad is a website building feature that can help you put together a website very quickly. It will create everything you need to get you an online presence in just a few clicks. Prior to Feb 7, we will be removing SitePad from all of our cPanel & Plesk servers. We noticed no use cases of the software, this is why we're removing it and will ... Read More

7th Feb 2022

We've Introduced PayPal Subscription Payment

Good news for all! We have enabled PayPal Express Checkout gateway. Now you can pay with ease using PayPal balance, Debit / Credit cards etc. Subcription payments are also working from now on, no need to manually renew  your services every billing cycle it'll be automatic. PayPal Express Checkout will work for new orders & existing invoices ... Read More

19th Jan 2022
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